Oh Yeah, Baby!: Your Complete 9-Month Guide to a Healthy and Fit Pregnancy

Are you or is someone you know pregnant or trying to conceive? We can relate! We tracked and compiled all fitness, nutrition, doctor’s appointments, and considerations for postpartum into one place for this special, challenging, and beautiful time!

Fitness and health fit into EVERY stage and EVERY age of life. Do the best for you, your family, and your soon-to-be new addition!


Muscle-Building Milkshakes

Are you tired of your chalky post-workout protein shakes? This recipe guide will fix that! It has ten delectable recipes, with all the macro calculations you need to keep your diet in check. It also provides suggestions on nutrient timing and how to get your smoothies made even faster if you are a busy person always on-the-go.


Fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting

This comprehensive guide directs you through weightlifting history, what a competition setting is like, and sets up cues for beginners and intermediate athletes to learn the Olympic lifts.

This is perfect for people wanting to learn the lifts, or for new athletes interested in joining crossfit as it gives special attention to these very involved lifts.

There is a section on common mobility issues and their fixes, lots of photos, and a four-week training plan to get you started on the path to strength and explosive power.


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