Our Philosophy

At Morales Fit Club, our fitness philosophy differs slightly from those other websites you see around.  We don’t want to just give you a standard plan and lump you into a group.  That’s just not us.  Yuck.  

We want to help you discover your own pathway to fitness.  While there are optimal ways to train for certain goals, we also understand that not everyone is the same.  Some people will never try the olympic lifts.  Others will never stretch–it’s just not in them.  We want to make you the best you can be, which includes helping your discover what you love.  If you spend an hour at the gym doing things you hate (which might be optimal) you won’t stick with it long-term (because it’s not fun).  You might stick with it until you lose five pounds or stick with it for a week.  We want you to be fit and flexible for your entire life, and with the gift of that time, always improving.  If you don’t find something that challenges, motivates, and is fun for you, you won’t stick with it for the long haul.  We want you to be around for the long haul and to not be afraid to set big goals, because you’ll be here for them!

We aren’t here just for a four-week transformation, or a 30-day lose as much as possible contest.  We will be here helping you get what you want out of life–more time chasing your grandkids, or entering a powerlifting competition.

We can offer you our expertise in weight training, the olympic lifts, bodyweight training, HIIT cardio, LISS cardio, and of course, nutrition.  We won’t cut out the things you love and we’ll help you discover even more things to be excited about in life.